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The Best Designs of Custom Trophies in Rockford

Aug 26, 2021 | Custom Trophies in Rockford

A custom trophy is a great way to commemorate your company’s accomplishments. Whether you need custom trophies for the winners of a team tournament or custom trophies as a reward for a charity event, there are many ways to use custom trophies in business. It’s important that these custom trophies represent your brand and show off the talents of those who have earned them.


How to Design A Custom Trophy?

Custom trophies in Rockford are becoming more and more popular  for companies that want to reward their top employees or clients. While custom trophies are typically used for sporting events like the Super Bowl, they can be given out at company parties and award banquets as well. 

The first step in designing your custom trophy is deciding what type of material you want to use. Some materials might be cheaper than others, but they may not last as long as other materials do so it’s important to consider this before purchasing anything.


Types of Custom Trophies in Rockford

Custom trophies can be made with glass, ceramic or resin. Glass custom trophies are heavier than other types of custom trophies and therefore do not break easily under pressure. Resin custom trophies may seem like the most budget-friendly option since they cost less to produce than any other material but their durability is somewhat suspect so it’s important to protect them during shipping by using bubble wrap or foam peanuts when sending out your custom trophy order. Ceramic custom trophies are often ornate in design which makes them more expensive than the other two materials mentioned above because each piece must be hand painted before being fired for hours at a very high temperature. They also tend to be quite heavy compared with resin custom trophies making them great for long term use in an office environment  but not ideal for shipping.

The custom trophies that you purchase for your business will depend on the type of event or award ceremony that is taking place. However  custom trophies are typically made out of three different materials including resin, wood and ceramic. The most commonly used material however is plastic because it does not cost as much as gold and other metals but still looks nice in a trophy case. Even though custom plastic trophies look very similar to traditional glass ones they tend to be less expensive. In addition custom trophies in Rockford can include a wide range of custom options such as custom engravings, custom bases and even custom designs. This means that you will be able to find the perfect trophy for your business when looking online . 

Custom trophies in Rockford can be custom made for any purpose you need. Whether it is to reward an employee of the year, a runner up in your company’s annual sales competition or even to celebrate your business’ anniversary custom plastic trophies are one of the best ways you will find to commemorate any achievement . This means that if you have been looking for new ways to award excellence within your organization custom trophies could very well be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.