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Customer Service is Our #1 Product

Every satisfied customer at Recognition Pros, Inc signifies/commemorates a sense of achievement for both the store’s owner and employees. Recognition Pros started from humble beginnings and continues to adhere to business foundations that are based upon integrity, honesty and values.

Recognition Pros was established in the winter of 1988 in response to the need of a local business partner to locate an inexpensive trophy product coupled with dependable customer service. It was this dilemma that led to the establishment of Recognition Pros. The initial purpose of Recognition Pros was to cater to the needs of one large client. However, through positive customer response, coupled with providing quality awards at affordable prices, the business’s reputation became one of great renown. Growth and expansion were inevitable; thereby catapulting Recognition Pros to the pinnacle that it has reached today.

The mission of this company has remained the same since its inception: to provide awards of the highest quality and best value to an ever-expanding customer base. Recognition Pros, adhering to their customer-focused approach, has changed throughout the years to add new and innovative product lines to meet the ever changing needs of their customers. Recognition Pros is not your average “award store.” We offer a full line of award and engraving services, including corporate awards, trophies, plaques, medallions, ribbons, pins, castings, promotional products and advertising specialties, printed apparel, and other commemorative products made from marble, brass, acrylic, glass, crystal, wood, (oak, cherry and walnut) and plastic.

Our salespeople work with you to create a one of a kind commemorative piece or develop and implement a staff recognition program for corporate employees. We are proud of each of our clients, from soccer moms to Fortune 500 executives. Each customer represents a small piece in the cornerstone of the foundation of our business.

We have told you who we are and what we stand for, now shop us for your next award need (online, showroom, fax or phone) and let us show you how much you as a customer mean to us!

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